Departments are obliged to comply with ratified human rights treaties and statutes particularly the European Convention on Human Rights. Good human rights work supports good governance and helps embed human rights in the work of the Executive and legislature. By increasing NICS human rights knowledge and capacity we can improve compliance with human rights law and strengthen the culture of human rights awareness and good practice.

In addition to OFMDFM’s guides to the Human Rights Act “Get In On The Act” and “Developing The Act” the NIHRC has developed the training courses “An Introduction to Human Rights” and “Policy Making and Human Rights”. It has also assisted in production of a pro forma, which is included in the OFMDFM Policy Toolkit to proof proposed policy and legislation against the provisions of the Human Rights Act .

Responsibility for human rights and equality policy in the NICS rests primarily with OFMDFM. The NICS is supported in its human rights work by the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC).  This site is one of the products delivered by the NICS / NIHRC human rights project. Its purpose is to support civil servants in delivering their human rights responsibilities and to act as a reference for human rights information and guidance. If you have any feedback about this guide, feel free to contact the NIHRC using the contact details below.

From the tabs above you will see that this site is split into 5 sections. It is recommended that you browse the site by visiting each of the 5 sections in order. This will give a complete overview of human rights and its relevance to your work. However, the information in any of the sections can be used independently and each contains links to other connected topics.